Confessions of a Bibliophile

{March 7, 2008}   Hello, Hey, Hi, Howdy, and How Ya Doin?

First things first. I just noticed that Sara Beth Clark picked the same blog theme as me. I think this is the first sign that Mike King needs to spend more money to upgrade our blog accounts so we can have more styling options. Then he needs to hire me an assistant. Why? To fetch Starbucks To assist, that’s why! Or it could just be that SBC and I just both have fabulous taste. You decide.

Anyway, most of you know me as News Director, Brittany Gray and select few know me as my alter ego – Wonder Woman. What? It could be true. Clark Kent was a reporter too ya know! I’m pretty much just a small town girl with a big city attitude. I have an unnatural love for Led Zeppelin, Cher (hence the almost Cher lyric in the previous sentence), and Reba (at least I didn’t say that I was born plain white trash and that Fancy is my name). I’m a book nerd, a gamer geek, a news dork and an entertainment news junkie.

Hopefully through this blog you’ll get to know me and the rest of the gang a little better. As I’m sure you can tell from listening we have a lot of fun around here. Giggles are always shared and good times are had by all and I hope we can pass them along to you.  Welcome to the new and improved internet homes of QMIX and Korn Country. We hope you enjoy!



first pic- yes- that is how we work. all the time. fo realsies.

second pic- this is what happens whenever someone tells us we have to be serious. we just don’t know what to do!

Ron says:

You are very brave….

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