Confessions of a Bibliophile

{March 17, 2008}   Pale = Hot? Heck yes!!!

First things first I’d like to thank Nikki G for her discovery of this article, which made my day having been on the pasty side my whole life.

 And now for something completely different. Its the beginning of a new feature here at my blog. We’re going to call the it Not-So-Anonymous Quotes from the QMIX/Korn offices. You know how sometimes you’ll walk in during the middle of a conversation and just catch one line that makes no sense in any kind of normal context you can think of?  Completely random sounding lines like this one from Friday, “I hate it when I get my tail too close to the end,” brought to you by a certain someone with the initials K.M. Now, it turns out that is totally legit radio lingo, but anyone not privy to the rest of the conversation might find it a little strange. We have all decided these lines are extremely humerous and needed to be shared with the rest of the world, so I’ll be throwing them in here from time to time. Of course there is the chance that we’ll be the only ones who see the hilarity, but that’s a risk we’re willing to take, because there’s nothing quite like publicly humiliating your co-workers. SO! Without further ado todays quotes are:

“Come ‘ere! I wanna give you a rash!”  – N.G.


“Does that mean my leg is my husband?” – B.G.  

Hopefully you at least get a smile out of those. Happy St. Patty’s day. Hope you don’t get too many pinches!


I’m ready to guess:

KM= King, Martin (Luther)
N.G.= No-one Good
B.G= Bein’ Gross

Am I right?
Do I win the prize?

Brittany Gray says:

CLOSE, but no cigar.

K.M. Actually stands for Kylie Minogue (did I spell that right?). She works at QMIX now ya know.

Thanks for playing. Now, GET BACK TO WORK! =D

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