Confessions of a Bibliophile

{March 27, 2008}   P. S. Keith Maddox Wears Girls Panties.

Yesterday there was a cute conversation floating around the office. Somehow we got to talking about underwear, which resulted in Keith Maddox telling us how his daughter Allison calls all underwear panties. Now this is pretty normal as far as I’m concerned. Little girls wear panties and so thats just what they call them, but there is just something absolutely hilarious about Keith walking through the office pretending to hold a pair of underwear by two fingers at arms length while saying, “Daddy, here’s your panties.”

Meanwhile, there were about 900 thousand not so anonymous quotes that I would like to have added to the blog today however they were not Mike King approved (and probably rightfully so if I’m going to keep this blog on the PG side of things) Suffice to say there were fuzzy bunnies flying everywhere. For those of you who may not know our lovely morning show co-host Nikki G uses the words fuzzy bunnies to edit inappropriate words out of stories.

In other news Breaking Benjamin rocked my socks on Saturday. Seether was pretty great too, and Three Days Grace (in the words of Randy Jackson) did their thang, but BB was just amazing. Here’s a picture of me and the gang before the show:
concert.jpg Left to right is Rob, Michelle, Steve, and me.

 Also, you need to go back and check out my blog A Few Things…  because I went back and added the pictures of Helio Castroneves


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