Confessions of a Bibliophile

{April 3, 2008}   The Hills Are Alive

Picture it. QMIX/ Korn Country News room. April 2, 2008. 7:00ish a.m.I was taking a couple of minutes to put on my makeup when out of nowhere I start singing, “You are 16 going on 17. Baby, it’s time to think….” Now for those of you who don’t know, that is a song from the sound of music. In that particular scene Captain Von Trapp’s oldest daughter Leisl has snuck out of their ginormous mansion to frolic in the rain with the messenger boy, Rolfe.  So here I am sitting at my desk singing this song when all of a sudden it hits me. I HATE ROLFE! Not only did the little jerk look her straight in the eye and tell her she needed a big strong man like him to take care of her, but punk ended up joining up with the nazi’s and threatened to shoot her dad. My point ladies is this: Stay away from nazi messenger boys with a superiority complex.



Knowing how it ends with Rolfe turning into a Nazi, the earlier scene when Capt. Von Trapp catches him tossing rocks at Liesl’s window and really lets him have it (verbally) is great.
Notice that the telegram is for his brother Max, yet Cap. Von Trapp snatches the telegram out of Rolfe’s hand, then passes it on to Max just to show Rolfe who’s the boss.
What a great movie. The love scene with Cap. Von Trapp and Maria in the gazebo (“I must have have a wicked childhood”) is the best love scene ever filmed.

Another thought about Rolfe!

He’s a complete idiot! Prime evidence of this- the scene where Captain Von Trapp and Max and the blonde dutchess chick are out back sippin on lemonade havin a grand old time…and all of the sudden Rolfe shows up in the middle of the day and starts throwing rocks at her window! A) not the smartest decision when daddy’s standin right there… B) the whole rock at window thing is only cute late at night! not in the middle of the afternoon dummie! C) when you know that daddy’s political views are different from yours- it’s not smart to acknowledge your views with passion in front of him. That’s a very sound way to not get permission from daddy to date daughter.

So stay away from nazi messenger boys with a superiority complex and the brain the size of a peanut.

-i’m just sayin….

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