Confessions of a Bibliophile

{April 17, 2008}   I HAVE LOST THE WILL TO BLOG!!!!!!!

This is probably the 8th blog I’ve started in the past three days. I keep telling myself that it is normal for people to get Blog Block. There are lots of 24-year-olds out there who suffer from B.B. Most of them just aren’t comfortable talking (or typing?) about it because they are ashamed. They think their friends will see them as less of a blogger, but I am willing to put myself on the line to spread awareness. You may thank me later.


Also, thanks to SBC and her photoshoppin’ skillz.  =)


Thank you Brittany for your courage to stand up and raise awareness of the Blog Block. not only do 24-year olds suffer, but there are many 25 yr olds that suffer too…and I am one of them…

You are very brave…… 🙂

And you are welcome- I love using my college degree for fun stuff like that!

Brittany Gray says:

Bravo to you for being brave enough to stand up and say NO MORE! No more shame and no more hiding! Good for you!

And I love using your college degree for fun stuff like that too. =)

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