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{April 18, 2008}   Shake, Rattle, and Roll…Is it lunch time yet?

So the hot topic of today is of course this mornings Earthquake. If you weren’t awake and listening to the Q Wake Up Crew at 5:37 this morning (shame on you!) right as Chris Fox turned on the mics to begin the show the studio started to shake. For about 15 seconds we all looked at each other thinking someone was rattling the counter (it is a bit wobbly) and when it didn’t quit I finally said, “Do you guys feel that?” I’m sorry for those closer to the fault that may have sustained damage as a result, but how cool is it that we got to experience and earthquke while being live on the air? Needless to say it was a hectic morning here at 825 Washington Street, but I couldn’t help being excited that I had a chance to geek out and be the news dork I am.

This sort of leads me into another topic. Here we are…less than six hours later and people have already lost interest in this mornings activity.  It is already old news. Talk about short attention spans.

Breaking News: As I type my computer screen is shaking with an aftershock.

I was going to segue directly from the short attention span mention into wishing it was lunch time in an effort to illustrate a point, but the aftershock kind of took the glory out of that. Speaking of aftershock early reports are saying it was a 4.5.

Now, back to lunch. BIG THANKS to Eastside Community Center for bringing us by some AMAZING fish sandwiches. The food was great. They’re serving lunch from 11 until 2 today and dinner from 4 until 7. If you place an order of 5 sandwiches or more they will even deliver! You really can’t beat it. Eastside Community Cetner is at 421 McClure Road across from McDowell so stop by and grab a bite! Or you can call them at 376-7840 to place an order.


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