Confessions of a Bibliophile

{April 23, 2008}   Here goes nothin’…. and boy do I mean nothin’

I have a whole lotta nada to say, so I’m just going to babble on and hope that you don’t hate me for it.

The first topic of discussion today is Nikki G. Nikki is fantabulous and I shall count the ways.
1. She draws an awesome dinosaur.
2. Good taste in shoes
3. She’s a champion car parker (this is a lie, but I feel it is best to boost her confidence)
4. The girl is a MACHINE. 3 jobs and she still kicks butt and takes initials
5. She brought me back Barry Manilow hand sanitizer (a.k.a manitizer) from Vegas.
6. We share bathroom phobias
7. When my car got sick (AGAIN) she wrote me a poem and sent me funny pictures to cheer me up. They are as follows (click to make them bigger):

O’ Sailor

Cars suck I wish we had boats
Water cannot stall
Then we would only fear a squall
Or maybe the occasional moat

If I had a choice I’d live in a city
I’d take the bus every day
Or I could walk down alleys and find my way
Then I wouldn’t have to write this little ditty

About Cars breaking and ruining our lives
Dealing with mechanical dudes
And cars wouldn’t ruin our moods
Our fears wouldn’t make us break out into hives

So Cheer up because it can’t be that bad
So I hope this fixes you from being sad.

Next topic, my car. Poor Vapor, she spent last week at Bob Poynter Ford in Seymour.  HUGE thanks to them for going above and beyond and their super customer service. YOU GUYS ROCK!


Next topic, hair. SBC is now rockin’ possibly the most fabulous ‘do EVER and I’m blonde again.


And finally…. Tomorrow. Oh tomorrow. Directly after work Nikki and I are going to travel to Tipton Lakes Athletic Club and get our butts kicked into shape by Ian McGriff. For those of you who may recognize the name, but can’t place it Ian is the trainer who works with QMIX Biggest Loser contestants to help them get healthy and in shape. Now, any of you who know me know that this will be an interesting experience being as the extent of my workouts for about the past five years or so consisted of lifting the t.v. remote and walking to the kitchen for another bowl of ice cream. Ok, so maybe it hasn’t been QUITE that bad, but sadly it isn’t THAT much of an exaggeration. Nikki and I will keep you up-to-date on our progress here in our blogs, so please (PAH-LEEEEEEASE) feel free to leave some comments cheering us on. I know I’ll definitely need the motivation.

Now, finish checking everything out at and then go enjoy this FABULOUS day!!!


Nikki says:

Awww- thanks pal-y! You made my day! I think you rule too and I’m just glad to share the loves of paint and the fears of public bathrooms and the like with you. BUT I will never have the paint skills you do (which by the way I think should be your next blog-you should post those pictures!)

Have a great day and tomorrow I am ready to get Ian-fied!

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