Confessions of a Bibliophile

{May 5, 2008}   THIS. IS. SPARTAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

So I’m a little late with this (sorry Ian) but Fridays workout was great! At least I thought it was. Dawn may stab me in the eye for saying that, but it’s true. I loved it. Those of you familiar with the Movie 300 know that the fellas in it were ABSOLUTELY SHREDDED. Well, to get them that way a workout (The 300 workout) was developed. Did we do that workout? Not exactly, (I’m sure it’s fairly safe to say I wouldn’t be around to type this today if we had) but there are some more basic levels with the same concept – known as the mini 300 and the mini mini 300. So we all did the mini mini. Now, you may think the mini mini would be cake… it wasn’t. It was tough, but I really enjoyed it. Probably because there were so many different moves involed. There were pushups, squats, lunges, dips, jumping jacks, hill climbers…and some other stuff that I think I may be forgetting.  “That’s great!” You may be saying, but thats not the best part. The best part is that I wasn’t even sore as a result!!!! Proof that Ian is working (bless his heart). I could definitely tell that I’d worked pretty much every part of my body, but there was none of that crazy muscle soreness I’d had the last few times. I was so excited, and still am actually. WOOT!

In other news this time tomorrow I will be in Vegas with Dawn. I am excited beyond words. My traveling experience thus far is pretty much limited to the drive between here and my grandpa’s house in Florida so I’m pumped to have the opportunity to go somewhere else. Not that there is anything wrong with Florida. Florida’s great! It just has a been there, done that sort of feel for me.  So, wish this white-knuckle flyer a quick and calm flight, and good luck on the slots, because I’m outta here! I’ll yack at you all Monday. Have a great week and feel free to harass my fill-in Keith Maddox with all kinda of news questions!

P.S. Do you think its too much to ask that my nickname in the gym be Sparta?


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