Confessions of a Bibliophile

{May 19, 2008}   Working Out is Hard Y’all

So I’m a little late with this…But here ya go any way. First of all Ian broke me. Ok, so maybe it wasn’t HIS fault persay, but blaming bad things on him makes me feel a little better about life. Here’s the deal. Brittany has a Bad Knee. Bad Knee sometimes randomly decides it doesn’t want to function properly. Thursday was one of those days. We did kickboxing that day at TLAC and Bad Knee threw a fit and I ended up limping most of the weekend. So, Ian…if you’re reading this, I’m sorry, but Bad Knee apparently feels it needs to be babied for a bit.

On the other hand, punching Ian is fun! I really enjoyed that particular workout. Hitting things is great for the stress level. Now, I don’t recommend you go around punching everything and everyone that frustrates you, however if you’re given permission to punch something as hard as you can when you’re working out GO FOR IT!

In nonworkout news if you don’t hear my voice Tuesday morning please send a search party to the home of the ants that are attacking my newsroom, because I’m pretty sure they will have carried my away and started munching on me while they watch House tonight. I’m not kidding! These things are the size of house cats..and I’m not comparing them to just any house cat. I’m comparing them to my 22 pound house cat. THEY. ARE. HUGE.


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