Confessions of a Bibliophile

{May 22, 2008}   SMASH ‘EM!!!!!!

In a world of ants  what’s a girl to do besides smash ’em! Now, to those of you who believe I should catch the ants and let them outside…TOO BAD. I can’t get my news on properly when they are crawlin’ all over my mic, so smashing it is! Chris Fox referred to me as something like the Orkin Man on Sterioids yesterday. Now, that’s not too bad of a superhero name, but I like this one better

Your Superhero Profile

Your Superhero Name is The Tomorrow Torch
Your Superpower is Divine intervention
Your Weakness is Glitter
Your Weapon is Your Solar Bludgeon
Your Mode of Transportation is a house boat
What's your Superhero Name?


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