Confessions of a Bibliophile

{May 28, 2008}   Honest to Blog???

Why is it that when I’m just bebopping around throughout the day I think of all kinds of great things to write about, but when I’m actually in front of the computer I completely space all of it? It makes me kinda grrry. I guess I’ll just blabber about randomness. 

So May Day was pretty great. Finger Eleven was, to be honest, a bit of a let down. I just wasn’t impressed with their live performance. Seether was pretty awesome as usual. Their set list was better this time, at least in my opinion. They played most of my favorites. 3 Doors Down rocked my socks off yet again. They remain on my top 5 best bands I’ve seen live, and I’m sure they’ll stay there for a while. The first time I saw them they opened for Lynyrd Skynyrd and I was with a friend who wasn’t a fan when we got to the concert. “Oh they’re ok. They just really don’t do much for me,” he says. Well, by the time they were finished he was ready to go out and buy the three CDs they had out at the time. I already had a lot of love for them, but after that I was hooked. Shoot, I was…dare I say it…in love. To me, 3 Doors Down is just one of those bands that has something to fit any mood I may be in, and no matter how long I go without listening to them, all the love just comes flowing back when I pop one of their CDs in. In my opinion it’s being able to instill those sort of feelings that is the mark of a truly great band. Of course, I do realize those are my opinions, but I highly suggest seeing them live if you’re a fan. Trust me. You’re like will only grow from there.

In other news I’ve started kind of shopping around for a CD player for my car. My six disc changer is jammed and can’t be fixed without shelling out way more money than its worth. I figure if I’m going to pay out the wazoo for something I may as well just go ahead and upgrade completely. I’m thinking I may go the direction of the touch screen/ipod ready/cd/dvd/navigation/teleport/time machine. Any suggestions?


get the stereo that can make smoothies too- I’m sure that will come in handy in the early am! hehe….

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