Confessions of a Bibliophile

{June 3, 2008}   Shoe Crack.

Hello. My name is Brittany Gray and I’m addicted to shoes.

I LOVE SHOES. Yes, I’m one of those. Dan Fleming asked me one day how many pairs of shoes I owned, to which I replied, “Uhhhhh….a lot?” I’ve never taken an official count, but if I had to hazard a guess it’d be 50+ Now sadly in my defense, my closet isn’t full of Manolo Blahniks and Jimmy Choos so my addiction could be much harder on my credit.

“Why shoes?” some may ask. Well, I think the question is really, “Why not shoes?” Fabulous shoes are something that can make the hugest difference in my day. If I’m rockin’ some spectacular footwear chances are I’m rockin’ some confidence too, and there ain’t nothin better than feeling great about yourself. The way I see it there are definitely worse things I could be spending my money on.

Now, all of this was brought up because of course over the weekend I saw Sex and the City (referred to as SATC from here on out) with Nikki G. It was part of her sobering up process. If you have no idea what that means pop over to her blog and read all about her hijinks during Fridays show. Everytime I see anything SATC related I use it as an excuse to cruise on over to the designer shoe department and torture myself to no end. Oh Carrie Bradshaw! What I wouldn’t give for all of the clothes in your closet to be my size magically appear in my room! (Sidenote: Best. Girl movie. EVER)

So, as part of my treat to you dear reader I give you the lovlies I found on thise trip around the torture chamber.



Christian Louboutin:


Jimmy Choo:

And finally the crème de la crème. The shoes that hurt my heart. The shoes that made Nikki G say, “It looks like Jesus made them.”

Manolo Blahnik:

 Oh Manolo, how I love thee….

Side fabulousness: Here’s the Dolce and Gabbana dress I want to go with the Manolos


Shoes are amazing. It’s true that a great pair of shoes can make or break an outfit. AND- your shoe size doesn’t fluctuate as much whenever you gain/lose weight- so they don’t make you feel self concious about yourself in that sense either! and that means longer wear too!!

FYI- the first pair of Dior shoes you pictured…..I am bound and determined to find a cheap knockoff of those! (unless Mike wants to give me a raise so I can just buy those….) they are too fabulous!

“Lets go get some shews….” 🙂

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