Confessions of a Bibliophile

{June 16, 2008}   Wow.

Ok, so it’s been a minute since I wrote a blog. Needless to say things were A LITTLE hectic last week. To be completely honest I still haven’t really had time to gather my thoughts and I sorta started this blog with absolutely nothing in mind to write about. So I’m thinking it is going to be a list of this and that.

*All of the generosity shown throughout Columbus and surrounding areas this past week has rocked my socks. Rescue workers went above and beyond and we are really seeing the best sides of people. Thank for restoring my faith. I’m sorry it took a catastrophe to do so.  

*Packing to move sucks. Especially when you know you just have to turn around and unpack it all again. I mean, what’s the point in packing things all neat just to move a couple of miles across town? Sure it’s efficient and its easier to haul a box than random armloads of crap, but still. It makes me all grry.

*Dog/cat vomit is gross. For that matter all vomit is gross and cleaning it up also makes me grry.

*Still no Manolo Blahniks in my closet. *wails*

*I think we need to pick Columbus up and move it to Nevada. Right outside of Las Vegas. Just pick the entire city up and take it there. It doesn’t flood in Las Vegas. (BONUS: Chippendales. ‘Nuff said.)

*I’ve spent too much money this past week. Goodbye economic stimulus check!! Online shopping will be my downfall.

*Still need an idea of what to do if we get our 107 pints. Nikki is dying her hair pink. KeithMaddox (K-Mo) is going to Nair a Q into his chest hair and Dan Fleming wrote a fabulous remix to Sri Mix-a-lots Baby Got Back. Leave me a comment with your ideas and we’ll pick one!


Sara Beth says:

I’m all for movin CBus to Nevada! lets go!

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