Confessions of a Bibliophile

{July 21, 2008}   It’s a Natalie Dee-a-tastic kinda day.

I have decided that Natalie Dee, webcomic arteest extrordinaire, has a comic that is relevent to everything I have to talk about here today and therefore I shall include one after every topic. Note: if you visit her site you may find some language and content that you may not appreciate depending on your sensibilities. You’ve been warned so don’t yell at me.

First: BATMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tonight! Finally! I get to see it! This weekend was sooooo jammed packed that I couldn’t even fit it in. Speaking of the weekend let’s talk about it, after this bat related comic.


Friday Sara Beth Clark and I finished yet ANOTHER CYP Amazing Race Challenge. Fun times were had by all. We made new friends and got munched on by bugs!


Then Saturday I headed up to Nikki G’s new apartment for an evening of housewarming and progressive hors d’oeuvres. Fun times were had by all and I learned not to drink the purple. Purple leaves Brittany with a headache the next day.

Sunday I just hung out with cricket and did a little house cleaning.

So that was the weekend. On another note entirely the Q-Wake-Up Crew has very interesting off-air conversations. Most of them are along the lines of Nikki and I asking Dan random and weird questions and Dan asking why women do *insert things women do here*. Todays most memorable topic was why do women get mad about men looking or making comments about their breasts when they have them all jammed up into a pushup bra while wearing a “look at me look at me!” shirt. The only reason I tell you this is because one of Natalie’s newest comics was this:

It made me laugh and fit the conversation so there you have it.

So Nikki G, as you may have heard, is going to be gone the rest of this week. Her sister is getting married so she is going to be off doing her Maid of Honor duties. Let’s hope nothing like this goes down.

And to wrap this Natalie Love-a-thon up is a comic that in my case is always appropriate.


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