Confessions of a Bibliophile

{August 12, 2008}   Ian can bite my smaller butt….

So I told Ian I was going to write a really good blog about him late last week and I had evey intention of doing so. WordPress, however, was not cooperating everytime I tried….and now I’m having second thoughts. “Why the cold feet about spreading the word of Ian’s awesomeness?” you may ask. Well, yesterday he made us run….and I’m still pouting. =)

BUT the initial reason for my wanting to pat Ian on the back is just a little too exciting to not share. So here goes. Thursday morning I got up and was getting ready for work and as I’m changing clothes I glanced in the mirror and noticed something…. my upper abs have some definition!!! Overall I’ve noticed the most change in my arms and legs. I have muscle now! What a wonderful and welcome addition to my body. This is very exciting stuff, ladies and gentlemen. Very exciting. Also, I’d like to add a little thanks to Ian for listening to me whine. I’m pretty sure if you asked him to quote something I say often it’d be, “I haaaate (insert workout move here)”  Also Ian, if you’re reading this know that I’m not actually a Negative Nancy, you’ve just got a special talent.


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