Confessions of a Bibliophile

{September 15, 2008}   Nikki G…. this one’s for you.

So ok, Nikki and I have a lot of conversations about the differences in our preference of men. Nikki generally likes clean cut boys that she would be safe taking home to the ‘rents at any given moment. I on the other hand tend to like them a little more on the bad side, or as Nikki likes to say, I like boys who look like they should smell, but don’t. I like tattoos and a rocker style, she likes crew cuts and polos. I like them super butch and manly with an ego the size of Texas, she likes ’em a little prettier.

But perhaps the largest difference can be seen by taking a look at our secret embarassing celebrity crushes. As Nikki once announced on the Q-Wake Up Crew, I sometimes have an attraction to Kid Rock and more embarassing still Joe Dirt – in particular during the Tilt-A-Whirl scene of the movie. Gross, I know, but in my defense I don’t normally go for the patchy facial hair and mullet. Stop judging. 🙂

That being said, Nikki’s embarassing admission includes, bling, grills, and gangsta rap. Seriously? Word my friends. Word. The following is a nice little compilation of pictures I found just for Nikki.


 <—-Little Nikki???

 <—- Nikki’s 2008 Christmas present from me??




and or course, MEN:

Lil Wayne


Mr. Mickey Avalon


Nikki, I hope you enjoyed my hard work. I just shook my head in disbelief through the whole thing. I’ll never understand, but that’s ok. I think you’re swell anyway.



So I watched SNL Saturday night with friends and everytime Lil Wayne came on I thought of her and how she must be drooling over him as much as I was over Michael Phelps.

And side note- yes- Michael Phelps doesn’t have great comedic timing, but I will forgive him.

Brittany Gray says:

I don’t forgive him. In fact I kinda wish he’d go away. I’m sorry. I know you love him.

Well played my friend– totally humiliating and well played! You win this round! 🙂

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