Confessions of a Bibliophile

{October 15, 2008}   Let me get that door for you….

“Chivalry is dead. Women killed it.”  I don’t know who originally said this. I’ve heard it used by numerous comedians, but I suppose its origin is irrelevant to this post. The quote just seemed fitting. I say society killed it, but whatev.

Now, first I’d like to say that I feel I’m a strong and independent girl/woman (whatever, I have a hard time referring to myself as a WOMAN. Is that weird?) who can take care of myself. I don’t need some man standing next to me, holding my hand to get things accomplished, BUT! I appreciate gentlemanly gestures such as holding a door. I don’t find it offensive when a man holds a door open for me. Do I expect them to do it…no, but I think the gesture itself is nice. I know women who flip when a man tries to hold a door for them. Why? It doesn’t mean they think we can’t do it ourselves. Its not sexist. Its just common courtesy. I hold doors for people all the time. Men, women, children. Does that make me one of those “ist” words? No, I think it makes me polite.

But I’ve gotten off topic. What I really want to say here is that although rarely found these days, chivalry is NOT dead, and I for one appreciate polite men and polite people in general. This topic came about because I was having a very angry morning and was feeling rather disgruntled with the male population in general. Ladies, I think we all have days when we’re pretty sure all the worlds problem could be solved by throwing all men in a deep dark hole in the middle of nowhere never to be seen or heard from again. Today was one of those mornings for me. I was feeling very underappreciated and if I’m going to be honest about it – a little used, but I was subtley reminded that my man hating moments are a bit to broad of a generalization to make. QMIX’s very own Sean “the Madman” McAuilffe reminded me of that just by opening the door for me this morning. Thanks Sean. It turned my day around and sent it in a much more positive direction. Aren’t we QMIX girls just the lucky ones?

What I think is sad is that I find it a little surprising when a guy opens a door for me, and I keep say “a guy” or  “men” because I was going to go with that whole chivalry theme, but lets just drop that here. What I really want to say is that it sad that I’m shocked when I run across a courteous and polite person. What does that say about us as people? Politeness shouldn’t be surprising.


Nikki G says:

you’re right- here at QMIX we ARE vey lucky- we have lots of very chivalrous men who open doors and tell us we look purdy instead of scratching their bits- 🙂 (though I’m sure they do that in their off time)

Brittany Gray says:

Junk scratchers. There’s a blog topic for ya.

We are lucky QMIX ladies…I agree with Nikki!

And I find that if you are one of those ladies that gets wierded out by a guy opening a door for them (I used to be that way) the best thing to do is to also open the door for them as well.

example- when they open the door for you to get into their car reach over and open their door for them.

It doesn’t kill the chivalry and yet keeps it balanced! plus you win extra points with them for doing so!

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