Confessions of a Bibliophile

{November 3, 2008}   Ain’t nobody gotta swagga like us….

Happy post Halloween day before elections Monday. Hope you all had a ghoulish weekend. Myself I got to experince the joys of wanna be gangsta rap in downtown Crackville, USA. Thank you Nikki G for accidentally culturing my smalltown rear end.

I did actually learn quite a bit this weekend. Please indulge me as I share.

1. Corsets are not comfortable. Great for the waistline, not so much for sitting….especially on a sinky couch.
2. I should stay away from trying out a pin up costume as apparently I just turn out looking like Kathy Griffin =(
3. If you use enough hairspray your hair WILL hold curl. Ozone be doomed!
4. Nikki G and I have a new calling as rappers. We’ll call ourselves Nikki G and the Funky B.
5. Discrete “SAVE ME” looks to not translate across the anime/ pirate/ old timey golfer time space continuum.
6. Peg Bundy actually lives in Greenwood Indiana
7. Pirates are bad no matter how many Rolos they give you.
8. Cat pee stinks….
9. So does any form of feces. (don’t ask)
10. falling downstairs hurts
11. Coffee should not be poured into a power strip.

You’re welcome for that.

I also just realized that I haven’t mentioned Mr. Ian McGriff in a while. He’s still whoopin us into shape. I especially like all the boxing he’s incorporated lately. Talk about stress relief!! Stressed? Don’t pay for for someone to talk to. GO HIT IAN INSTEAD!


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