Confessions of a Bibliophile

{November 18, 2008}   Restoring the balance.

Sometimes I get sad because it seems like niceness has gone away. I try to remember that there are always people out there doing good things. Its unfortunate that we hear more about the awful happenings than the good. I tends to make the world seem like a selfish ugly place. Sometimes though someone will bust out with something so completely thoughtful and caring that I’m reminded that niceness hasn’t gone away. I was not so subtly reminded today that I am lucky enough to have wonderful people in my life.  I hope they know they are appreciated.

This one is for you Sara Beth Clark. You’re AMAZING!


Sara Beth says:

awww don’t make me cry!! You’re welcome! I’m glad to do it for ya!

Well, you made me cry! Fair is fair!

You know this world will always make us wonder… WHY? Who does this? Will it ever stop? We know only few answers to these questions to only learn we actually don’t know any of the answers. Confused yet? I am…

How can we change the world?
We can’t but what we can do is change the people who touch our lives, and to let them know we are good people and we’re surrounded by good people.

ah, I could go on and on, you know that but we don’t need to.
Think positive and keep the people who are affected by the troubled world in our thoughts and just know a simple jester to anyone can impact their lives, but taking an interest will last forever.

Does this comment even apply to your article? Who knows I done forgot what I was thinking…

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