Confessions of a Bibliophile

{November 20, 2008}   Horoscopes of Eerie Aptness

Let me begin by saying that I don’t think lives should be dictated by horoscopes. I don’t put much stock in  forecasting the future as dictated by the zodiac, but I must admit that the accuracy with which cosmos describe my life is a little eerie.

First, of all I’m an aquarius to a T. Read the description of the water bearer and you pretty much have my personality in a nutshell.

Second, although I don’t check my horoscope on a regular basis every single time I do they are scary accurate. Now, I don’t mean in a “well, that maybe could be interpreted to sort of reflect that thing that happened this morning” sort of way. Here’s an example of what I do mean:

Event: I fall flat on my face while walking through a restaurant full of people.

Horoscope: You may feel a blow to your pride Aquarian when you find yourself in an embarrasing situation. Your tendency for clumsiness may be an issue throughout the day. Try to retain focus while doing physical tasks and you should make it through the day generally unscathed.

Anyone else have horoscopes that smack you in the face on a regular basis?

Also, I think writing horoscopes may be my new calling.


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