Confessions of a Bibliophile

{December 31, 2008}   4 ridiculous things that have or will happen today

(and one totally awesome thing…)

1. I pulled the mayors coffee cup out of the trash and sniffed it. What? We were trying to figure out where a mystery lemon smell was coming from.

2. Sara Beth walked into the studio and said, “Real quick. Is it just me or do my apples smell like bubble gum?”
mcdonalds-apple-dippers1 +    bubble-gum2 


0415 sorry about the wonkiness of that equation. WordPress is not my photo friend. After 25 minutes of trying to fix it I give up


3. Nikki G told everyone that if I could pick ANYONE to kiss at midnight on New Years it’d be Joe Dirt, because I could go for a ride on the Tilt-A-Whirl immediately after.

joe-dirt-11 (come on. Who could resist?)


4. At some point this afternoon I will iron a photoshopped picture of one lucky person onto a pair of festive New Year underwear I am making for one unlucky fella.

5. (aka totally awesome thing number1) I GOT A GINORMOUS BOX OF BLOWPOPS! Thanks Dabeed!


So basically what I’m saying is that it’s just a normal day in my life. =)

Once again have a safe and happy new year!!!


note: I am commenting on your blog
Also note: there hasn’t been a new one almost a week
note note: DO ONE NOW.
End note….


Here I am on your blog again- and STILL waiting for anything knew from the Mind of Brittany Gray…here are some suggested Blog topics..

-how I spent my summer vacation
-12 things I hate about rashes
-Melissa! and other tales about my skirts
-person who I’d most like to smell


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