Confessions of a Bibliophile

{January 13, 2009}   Nikki G: She can’t keep me down

Todays horoscope: Someone in the office has a different agenda than you do. It’s to ground every project you initiate. Take care with all your colleagues, until you’re sure who your evil air traffic controller is.

I’m already sure that the evil air traffic controller is Nikki G!! Sure, I have no proof and this morning was a whole lot of fun, but I’m still sure it’s her.

In other news, we were talking this morning about Tony Dungy and Nikki mentioned that something she always respected about him is his opinion on fatherhood and how it’s more important that just being a donor. That brought to mind a commercial I saw the other day that was pretty much the best thing I’d seen in like, forever. Cracked me up. Cute funny commercial with a good message. So I dug around the interwebs and found it so Nikki could watch it, and now I give it to you. Adorable.


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