Confessions of a Bibliophile

{June 2, 2009}   It’s a Bliggity Blog

So it’s been forever since I blogged (it seems like I start all my blogs this way) and Nikki G reminds me of this daily. So in an effort to appease her highness, I’m finally going to update.

The Q Wake-Up Crew has a running list of words and phrases that make us uncomfortable, or just words we plain don’t like. It only takes one of us disliking it to get it added to the list for good, and let me tell you, it’s quite a list. It gets mentioned on the air quite often and brought up throughout personal conversations so I figure it is high time that YOU get your very own look at the list. It is as follows:

(settle in and get comfortable. It’s pretty long)

  • Moist
  • puce
  • puke
  • tender
  • panties
  • bloat
  • crabapple
  • heifer
  • goiter
  • caucus
  • qwerty
  • fused toes
  • coup
  • baubles
  • touch
  • gubernatorial
  • pun
  • zit
  • tube
  • Boutros Boutros Ghali
  • bootylicious
  • penetrate
  • baited breath
  • chunky
  • refreshments
  • wag
  • spunkmeyer
  • kumquat
  • nub
  • prancing nude
  • girth
  • yum rockets
  • pimple
  • tudor/tutor
  • squat/squatter/squatting
  • libation
  • horticulture
  • crunch
  • preserve
  • saturate
  • secretion
  • curdle
  • fetus
  • tantilizing
  • cream
  • gulp
  • warm & fuzzy
  • Hawt
  • blasted
  • coagulate
  • gorge
  • ponzi scheme
  • fiduciary
  • bladder

*phew* Did you live through that? I told you it was a long one and it’s constantly growing. We keep The List on a white board in the QMIX studio and at the bottom is the often ignored Awesome Words & Phrases List. It contains only a couple of gems including, tater whittler and Sheboygan.

In closing I leave you with some hotness



Lindsay B says:

adobe gazebo is a fave of mine hehe. separately they are good but together is even better.

Reilly says:

lol what’s your updated list?!!?

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