Confessions of a Bibliophile

{June 9, 2009}   I’m sorry….

To everyone listening this morning when I called my good pal Gary and apologized for being a jerky little kid, I have something for you. My mom was kind enough to dig out a picture of little Brittany and Gary for your viewing pleasure.

Gary and Brittany


For those of you who DIDN’T hear it this morning here’s what happened. Nikki G and I decided we wanted Pringles yesterday so we made a quick run to the gas station. While we were there we ran into Gary.  After we left in explaining to Nikki who Gary was (My first friend who lived across the road from me) I told her a story about the time Gary gave me a Barbie for Christmas. The Barbie came with a little plastic curling iron which I was SOOO excited about…until I found out it didn’t actually work. Once I had this revelation I became VERY angry with Gary and stayed that way for quite some time. Nikki pointed out to me that I may have overreacted. She also suggested that I call him during the morning show and apologize. So I did just that. ‘Course then I told everyone that his pants were always unzipped when he was little. I should probably call and apologize for that now too.

Nikki and Keith also called to apologize for some mean things they did. Nikki Called her brother (see her blog for her reason for needing to apologize). Keith wasn’t as lucky as the two of us, however, as when he called his person, Little Sammy Taylor from elementary school, we found that little Sammy was still holding a grudge. Once he heard who was calling he scoffed in disgust and hung up the phone! WOW! Maddox must have been quite the jerk!!


hehehe- your face in that photo is hilarious- it’s like you were plotting to hate Gary in 3…2…1!

What unhealthy lunch 2 hours from now?

HA! You could see it in my demon eyes.

Not exactly sure yet, I just figured wherever we went it wouldn’t be good for us. *cough*tre bicherri*cough*

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