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{July 13, 2009}   Potterwatch 2009

All right folks. It’s that time again. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is released at midnight tomorrow, well I guess technically it’s Wednesday morning, either way there’s less than 48 hours left! I, Brittany Gray, plan to take one for the team and go see it AT MIDNIGHT just so I can give you, dear listener, a first hand account of it’s awesomeness (at least it better be awesomeness) I even took a vacation day on Wednesday, but have no fear!!! You’ll still get my report first thing that morning.

Now, in preparation for the big event I refreshed my early Potter memory this weekend and watched Sorcerer’s Stone, Chamber of Secrets, and Prizoner of Azkaban this weekend. I didn’t watch Goblet of Fire and Order of the Phoenix being as I’ve seen them a KUZILLION times each. I also re-read Half Blood Prince (again) so it’d be super fresh in my mind making it easier to pick apart the movie properly. Anway, right after I flipped on the Sorcerer’s Stone the first thing out of my mouth was, “OMG!!! I FORGOT HOW TINY THEY WERE!!! Lookit baby Ron!!” So cute!!


harry 2



So basically, what the point of this blog was actually intended to be is that I’m SO FREAKIN EXCITED!  If you happen to see me at the midnight release say hi! I’ll be the 25-year-old blond bouncin around in Gryffindor robes.


last night ABC Family was showing all of them and I was watching it with Ira and I made him goodle Emma Watson just to show him how HOT she is now! LOL Odd and yet it was really important to me that he notice her hottness!

P.S- I love you because you are a nerd 🙂

Awwwww! YOU LOVE NERDS!!!!!! Do you think I’m adorkable?

Sara Beth says:

first- love the new look!

Sara Beth says:

and second….

what did you think??? I’m excited to see the review! I missed it this am so hopefully it will be in blog form too!

Stina Holm says:

My God! I sort of stumbled across this page and I’m already smiling like a big dork. Excellent blog! I so rarely find blogs these days who entertain me to such lenghts. I rally just wanted to say: cool blog! And, I’m from Sweden so I’m sorry if anything is spelled weird xD

HOLY COW! Thank you!! I need to update this thing. It’s been forever. =)

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