Confessions of a Bibliophile

{July 16, 2009}   Maddox’s face got disqualified for being too hairy, which means….


Ladies and gentlemen of the listeners jury, Nikki recently wrote a blog claiming her face is the largest in the world. I am here today to dispute said claim. 9 out of 10 QMIX employees polled agreed that Nikki’s face is not huge (in fairness to this poll, Nikki was the one disputing vote). Her face is lovely. My evidence oh fair jury lies within the following photos.

nikkis face 2nikkis face 4nikki face 6nikkis face 7nikkis face

As you can see, it is CLEAR that Nikki G is a fool, and if she doesn’t stop whining that  she looks like the boy from The Mask I’m gonna give her something to whine about. ‘Cause I’m gonna sock her in the not-huge-face… like this:

nikkis face 3


I disagree with everything in that blog but the picture from my birthday and the one of me with dark straight hair! 🙂

Ur special

No one asked for your opinion. Shut your normal sized face.

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