Confessions of a Bibliophile

Born in Crothersville Indiana, Brittany Gray began praciting for a news career at an early age. During sleepovers with her friend Leandra she’d practice her “newsing” on a red plastic tape recorder. It’s true. There is cassette evidence. Thank goodness no one has a cassette player anymore.

 Brittany has two furry children that answer to Cricket and Captain.

Cricket and Captain

She spends most of her time hard at work at QMIX and Korn Country, or doing some sort of dorkish activity. Self described as a lifelong geek, Brittany loves to read, play video games, and re-watch episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in her spare time. She’s proud that her comic book collection is beginning to grow and bummed that she needs to spend money on another bookshelf.


Kevin Hilycord says:

Hey! We’ve been receiving a lot of calls today at Target to see if we are open in the Pharmacy and just wanted to let everyone know we are. When I came in today the store also had a lot of bottled water. Everything at my house is ok, but my in-laws weren’t as fortunate…there basement has colapsed.



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